Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner rule my world.

  Anonymous asked: do you think shipping people is wrong?

hahahah this is the wrong blog to ask, but i’ve thought about it and i think to some extent, yes. like if you’re spamming whoever you’re shipping on twitter or instagram with their pictures and that kinda stuff, then it is. but if you just love those two and love their love and are inspired by it, i honestly see nothing wrong.


do you ever just

not mind a ship

but the shippers

the shippers

And then the cold came; the dark days when fear crept into my mind...


  Anonymous asked: oh im the same person as the one who told you about the wattpad thingy, she changed the title its 'Our second chance' if ever you look for it :D

thank you soo much for telling me! you’re awesome!

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stop being this adorable

  Anonymous asked: hey! i just want to know if you know that an account on wattpad posted your story.. i just wanna know if she asked permission or not since i care alot about you and your fanfic. if you do, pardon me hehe

oh wait really?? noo i had no clue! do you mind linking me to it? and thanks so much for telling me ily!! <3

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