Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner rule my world.

  Anonymous asked: but you don't understand others deserve a chance too and these fans are not giving it to them

How is Taylor going to a fan’s bridal shower taking away other fans chances of meeting her? 

  Anonymous asked: do you ship sweeran?

I think Ed is incredible and him and Taylor make each other really happy, so why not? but as far as a relationship goes, I think they’re just really good friends and it’d be weird for them to date by now? I ship them as best buddies ;)

when are people going to stop being bitter about others meeting taylor and start being happy for them? especially if they don’t know them or their story like please…. yeah taylor has met some fans a bunch of times but you don’t know those fans and everything they’ve been through and everything they’ve done for her so keep your mouth closed and let them live their dream

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THE LOOK ON HIS FACE WHEN HE SAYS TAYLOR SWIFT I’M CRYING. how have i never seen this before…

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  Anonymous asked: are u going to update ur taylor squared fan fic

Heyyy! yes, yes i am, but i’m also genuinely worried about myself cause instead of writing in order, i’m writing the chapters backwards so… hopefully i’ll get to the next one soon :) thanks for reading!!